Fair Elections's Links to Other Websites

Ace Project - Administration and Cost of Elections
Albert Einstein Insitution - Advancing Freedom through Nonviolent Action
Alliance for Democracy - Create a Just Society with a Sustainable, Equitable Economy
Ballot Access News - Online Newsletter
Campaign Reform Information Center - A Variety of Viewpoints
Can I Vote? - Check your voter registration
Capitol Steps - We put the 'MOCK' in Democracy
Center for Election Science - Voting System Experts and Activists
Commission on Presidential Debates - Presidential Debate Producer
Common Cause - Holding Power Accountable
Congress - Contact Your Representatives
Electorama - Election Methods
FactCheck - Annenberg Political Fact Check
Fair Elections - fairelections.net: Oregon Campaign Finance Reform
FairVote - Fair Representation and Meaningful Choices
FirstGov - Government Web Portal
Follow the Money - Archive of Political Contributions
Illinois Campaign for Political Reform - Research and Reforms
Instant Runoff Voting - Spoiler-Free Elections with Several Candidates
Institute of Governmental Studies - U.C. Berkeley
Junior State of America - High School Political Awareness Programs
League of Women Voters - Nonpartisan Citizen Education and Advocacy
National Coalition for Dialogue and Deliberation - Conversation, Participation and Action
National People's Action - A Network of Grassroots Organizations
Open Debates - Reforming Presidential Debates
Open Secrets - Your Guide to the Money in Elections
PICO National Network - Unlocking the Power of People
PoliticalMoneyLine - Money in Politics
Politifact - Fact Checking
Project Vote Smart - Elections, Candidates and Voting
PR Watch - Exposing Public Relations, Spin, and Propaganda
Public Campaign - Clean Money, Clean Elections
Politics 1 - Politics, Elections, Candidates and Campaigns
Reclaim Democracy - Restoring Citizen Authority over Corporations
Small Planet Institute - A Resource for Hope and Action
Spinsanity - Countering Rhetoric with Reason
Thomas - Legislative Information from the Library of Congress
VoteView - UCSD Political Science Research Data